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    1 Corinthians 16:13-14
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“Healing” for hurt people

In Suffer Strong, the author uses the example of a tall man who had a broken marriage and a form of paralysis in his face seems to suggest that this man in some way is already healed. We also see this in The Goal, which is a movie about a sports athlete who suffers an injury that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. At first, the main character is hurt that he cannot be the athlete he was previously. However, as the story goes on, we find that his passion is restored through a Quad Rugby Association following prayer from others. Some people are born differently but God uses them in different ways for his glory. Even though they were born with physical disabilities, God used Rickey Hill, a cripple, and Patrick Henry Hughes, a man born without eyes and lacking the ability to walk in a special way to suggest that they were already healed, or are in some way undamaged. Nick Vuijicic is another example of a person who was seemingly set up to fail, having been born with no arms or legs. Nick’s doctor when he was born told his parents that he was sorry that they didn’t have a chance to abort him because his quality of life was going to be so low. His own father didn’t think he could get married due to his condition. But much like Steve in The Goal, God used him for His glory. I am excited to know that God can use difficult circumstances to solidify His presence in our lives and highlight His great character.

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